This page is dedicated to a brief explanation of the different styles of acupuncture practiced throughout the world. You will also learn the method Steven M. Goodman, L.Ac., uses in his practice. If you wish a more detailed description about acupuncture, needles, techniques, does it hurt, etc. please refer to the frequently asked question (FAQ) page.

Acupuncture is practiced throughout the world with many different styles and techniques. These styles or techniques range from Japanese (with its many sub-styles), Traditional Chinese, Modern Chinese, auricular, hand, electro-acupuncture, meridian therapy, and acupuncture based on modern Western medicine. Among these major styles, there are sub-specialties that get even more refined. There is one universal method used by all which is the insertion of a hair thin needle into the skin to bring about change.

The Styles:

  • Korean Hand acupuncture uses the hands to treat the entire body.

  • Japanese acupuncture is rooted in the classics of Chinese Medicine. Generally, it focuses on balancing the meridians through gentle and shallow insertion of the acupuncture needles.

  • Traditional Chinese acupuncture is where all other styles developed. It is based on the classic texts and has continued to evolve over the centuries.

  • Modern Chinese acupuncture was developed by the Chinese Government to systemize the classics and, therefore, bring unity to the teaching throughout all of China. By doing so, it allowed more practitioners to be educated and to better treat the public.

  • Auricular acupuncture uses the ear to treat the whole body. It was developed in 500 B.C. and later made popular and more systemized by Dr. Paul Nogier, a physician in France.

  • Electro-acupuncture uses the traditional acupuncture points with an electrical current applied to the needles.

  • Meridian Therapy is a method of treatment that is mostly concerned about imbalances in the meridians. By correcting the imbalance, harmony is struck and the patient's symptoms will be relieved.

  • Acupuncture based on modern Western medicine takes into account modern research about specific points and their functions. It focuses on anatomical structures. For example, if someone has shoulder pain then the Western approach would be to isolate the muscle involved and place the needles in that area to alleviate the pain.

Steven M. Goodman, L.Ac., is trained in all styles. He uses his skill, education and experience to choose the best method that to create the most efficient results for his patients. He also has found that some difficult to treat cases require a combination of multiple styles to bring relief and restore balance.

Should you have more questions regarding any of the styles of acupuncture, give Steven a call at 949-460-9378.

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