Infertility Treatment for Women and Men

Steven Goodman is dedicated to helping women who are having infertility problems. He has geared his focus onto those who are having difficulty getting pregnant or difficulty maintaining a child full-term. Traditional Chinese medicine always has placed a high priority on treating women, especially those trying to have children. Two thousand years of experience has been accumulated and passed down to aid you in your time of need. A woman's body should be at its fullest strength prior to trying to conceive. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine were designed to enhance a person's body as well as treat disease.

There are certain key factors regarding pregnancy and the health of a woman that must be achieved prior to conceiving. These factors are a regular menstruation without birth control, no cramps, no clots, fresh red color of blood and mild to insignificant mood swings prior to menstruation. Only when menstruation is in perfect harmony is a woman at her most likely to conceive.

Other factors that contribute to a poor menstrual flow are diet, age, stress, emotional baggage, poor sleep, lifestyle and other preexisting factors.

There is no magic pill or magic treatment. Standard treatment for infertility is usually between three to six months.

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