December Newsletter

Ear Acupuncture

First signs of getting sick and what to do



Tips for Holiday eating and drinking


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Month/Year Topics
Nov 2007

Acupuncture, meditation, and ginseng research, juicing, wonders of broccoli

Oct 2007 Yoga, meditation, tai chi chuan, and qi gong comparison
Sept 2007 Your tongue tells a story, constipation revisited
Aug 2007 Interesting Facts and modern research related to Chinese medicine
July 2007 Constipation and what to do to relieve it and a wonderful fruit salad recipe
Sept 2006 Summers coming to an end, my belly and stress, and the belly massage
Aug 2006 Sinusitis and the runny nose, cooling summer fruit salad recipe
April 2006 Spring is here, cherry pie recipe, the ear revisited
March 2006 The ear, foods containing calcium, sinus infection: what to do
Jan 2006 Happy New Year, weight loss, smoking cessation, and sleep revisited
Nov 2005 Ode to sleeping, five minute breathing and rejuvenating exercise, and thank you letter
Oct 2005 Fall is upon us, tips to avoid the cold/flu, Shepard's Barely soup recipe, anti-gravity exercises
Sept 2005 Emotions and their health effects, September is upon us, techniques to strengthen the spleen and stomach
July 2005 Summertime heat and what to do, freezes to keep you cool, effects of air conditioning
June 2006 Neck pain, energy drinks to help you work out longer
May 2005 Hot flashes, multiple fruit salad recipe, foods containing Vit.C
Feb 2005

Signs and symptoms of the common cold and what to do if you get one


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