Chris Avery (Ankle pain)

I play soccer every week and my ankles take a beating. After three weeks of pain I decided to call Steven Goodman. I also continued to play soccer thru the pain. I want to make it clear. I did not think acupuncture would work, but I did not want to stop playing soccer. After three treatments with Steven the pain was gone. I just want to say thank you to Steven Goodman for keeping me out on the field.

Marlene H. (Menopausal symptoms)

Discovering the effectiveness of acupuncture has been a journey. After years of sinus drip and concern over long term use of decongestants, I turned to acupuncture as an alternative method of treatment. Within six weeks, my sinuses were clear and my sense of smell returned.

Realizing that I responded well to acupuncture, I asked Steven to work with me to ease menopausal symptoms that were becoming disruptive to my work day and home life. Over a two month period, much to my amazement, I found that the acupuncture treatment he provided caused these symptoms to subside, experiencing a mild hot flash only occasionally.

With consistent treatment, I have been delighted with the residual effects of acupuncture treatment: my energy level is even, I don't experience fatigue, I sleep through the night, and now I am just beginning to experience weight loss (this is a good thing!).

My personal experience with acupuncture treatment has shown me that over time, a balance occurs, so much so, that it gently shifts the body to a place where it functions normally and efficiently. Needless to say, to achieve these results without the use of drugs reinforces the effectiveness and healthy approach to long-term health that acupuncture provides.

Cliff Anderson (Back pain)

Steven helped me greatly with my back and right ankle. I had been in pain for six months and tried everything to relieve the pain. I used Ibuprofen. I stretched. I used heat and cold. Nothing I did seemed to take the pain away completely. I am very active in both golf and soccer and the pain was getting to the point that I was going to have to stop one of them if not both. Now Steven was and is a friend of mine. He coached my son in soccer while he had been going to school. So I have known him several years. He kept telling me to come to the office. So finally, I decided what the heck I will go in and see what Steven can do for me. After a few weeks of treatment my pain was gone. On occasion it still may come back, but I will just call Steven and within one or two treatments the pain is gone again. Thank you Steven for getting me into your office and taking my pain away.

Carl Golod (Migraines)

I had suffered from migraine headaches for twenty years. I took medication constantly to help relieve them. Unfortunately, I would usually have to leave work and go home and lie down in the dark for hours to get some relief. I did not think anything could help them. My wife had been taking Tai Chi and Qi Gong lessons from Steven Goodman for a few months and she asked him if he might be able to help me. He said he would like to try. So I decided to try the acupuncture. He told me it would take some time to get rid of the migraines. I went in for treatments three times a week for six weeks. I also took herbal medication that Steven prescribed just for me. After six weeks I continued to come in once to twice per week. After six months of treatments I rarely got a migraine. After a year of treatment my headaches and migraines are completely gone. I still see Steven once every couple of weeks for stress and maintenance. He saved my life and I now consider him a friend.

Jason H (Pulled muscle)

I am a cross country runner in high school. I pulled my thigh muscle while training and had the CIF and California State races coming up. Anytime I bent my right leg and put weight on it the pain came back. I also started getting pain in my knee. I could not afford to take time off. My trainer at high school said I was getting tendonitis. I did not care what I had. I just wanted the pain to be gone so I could compete. My mother told me about Steven Goodman. In fact she made me go in. It was weird getting the acupuncture treatments. I did not know how it worked, but I could feel a sensation around the needles. Needless to say, it worked. I finished eleventh in State without any pain.

Lori Wieshlow-Laguna Niguel (Allergies)

I have suffered from allergies ever since I can remember and have had tests to find out what I actually was allergic to. Through the process, I found out that it included all outdoor trees, plants, and flowers, this of course was somewhat inconvenient in southern California. I was frustrated, and had tried several over-the-counter medications and various prescription drugs, but they never provided me with any real results. I still woke up every morning with a stuffy, pounding headache and an attitude to match. I had no reason to think acupuncture would give me any better results, besides I didn't like needles and thought it would be painful.

However, I was willing to try something new. To my surprise, I found the treatments were not painful and were actually quite relaxing. Steve Goodman, my acupuncturist, has helped me tremendously and with my customized treatments and herbs, I feel 100% better. I recommend acupuncture to anyone who suffers from allergies and wants to get some relief.

Margaret J. (Gall bladder pain & Leg cramps)

Steven Goodman is an incredibly compassionate and knowledgeable Acupuncturist and Herbologist who helped relieve my gall bladder pain and leg cramps in just a few months. His treatment of my menopausal and gall bladder problems has given me relief from discomfort and pain that I've been experiencing for several years. Even though I still am apprehensive about the acupuncture needles, I am no longer experiencing night sweats and hot flashes. With his patient and expert skills, I am on my way to better health and a sense of well being that I thought I would never again experience.

Jackie A. (Shin splints)

My Father sent me to Mr. Goodman for my shin splints. I was running track in high school and the pain was keeping me from running. He fixed me in three treatments with the acupuncture. I did not have any shin splints the rest of the season. Mr. Goodman, I want to say thank you for your help.

Melissa H (Irritable bowel syndrome)

I was so relieved to find Steven Goodman after traditional medical remedies failed to cure my irritable bowel syndrome and lack of menses that plagued me for many months. His treatment included digestion enhancers and blood tonics which, along with acupuncture, served me well as my presenting issues have been resolved.

Julie D. Briggs (Shoulder & arm numbness)

I'm 44, athletic and currently playing with a women's' professional football team. Steven and his herbs have helped me to avoid injury, remain illness free and increase my energy level for the past 4 years I have used his services. My first visit to Steven started when I experienced tightness, tingling & numbness in my right shoulder and arm. I spend my days as a Helpdesk Analyst, answering phones and typing for 8+ hours. Within three to four treatments, I was back to normal and all my symptoms were gone. I continue to see him on a BI - weekly basis for 'tune-ups'. I also see him for specialty work when needed for muscle soreness/tightness, joint ache or when I feel a cold coming on. We adjust my herbs if need be to maximize my potential for continued overall health. Follow his instructions and see a huge difference in your mental and physical health. He's fantastic!!

Jennifer Epling (Back pain)

I race an ATV (or quad) off-road almost every weekend. When I lifted wrong at home and hurt my back, the pain was so intense I could barely move. I was told by others who had suffered a similar injury that I could expect the pain and limited range of motion to last for 6-8 weeks. I was afraid that I would have to miss the upcoming racing events, especially the one scheduled for the next weekend. After two of Steven Goodman's acupuncture treatments, my pain subsided, the sharp spasms stopped, and I was able to compete in my race just 5 days after injuring myself. Although I had never been treated with acupuncture before, I will seek Steven Goodman's healing acupuncture treatments whenever I need relief from injury-related pain.

Bobbie Allen (Respiratory infections)

Because of many childhood illnesses and many courses of antibiotics, I suffered from frequent bouts of severe respiratory infections. Since I've been seeing Steven, I haven't had a single serious problem. My recovery from colds is faster, and my overall energy and feeling of health has improved greatly. Steven's great beside manner, listening skills, and willingness to help have also made me much more comfortable with non-traditional medicine. He's always informative, answers every question, and can very often help when my medical doctor can't.

Caren Judd (Carpal tunnel)

I had been suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome for one year. I was unable to open a bag of potato chips. I experienced extreme difficulty just holding anything at all. It was not good, because my profession is a medical transcriber. Therefore, I make my living using my fingers on a key board. I decided to go to Steven Goodman for acupuncture treatment after being coaxed by my boyfriend/ present husband. What a difference? I went to Steven for three weeks and all of my pain went away. Steven also instructed me on how to sit correctly at the computer and exercises to prevent the pain from reoccurring. It is ironic because I do a lot of transcribing for orthopedic surgeons and see all of the surgeries for carpal tunnel syndrome. I am thankful I chose Steven Goodman and acupuncture instead of surgery.

Richard A. (Injured back)

I was a senior in high school at the time. I was on the wrestling team and taking martial arts. I injured my back in practice and every time I went to throw someone I would get a sharp pain in my back. I went to Steven Goodman four times and was able to finish out the year without pain. I was undefeated in my section and went to the CIF tournament.

Donna Walden (Depression)

I watched in horror as this person made a complete fool of herself. I was dispassionate as she became more isolated and disconnected herself from her interests and her friends. Then things at work began to un-ravel as she became more and more paranoid. The downward spiral continued. I watched my life as through a crystal ball, knowing in advance what was going to happen, but powerless to change anything. I listened to my voice became weaker and weaker until it was a squeak no louder than a mouse. Sometimes my words froze before I was able to speak; at other times, I opened my mouth and nothing came out. I felt as if there were a wall of glass separating me from everyone else.

What had happened to me? I was once successful and happy. Now, I was hanging onto a speeding train for dear life knowing that if I let go, I wasn't going to be able to catch it again. I was depressed and losing control of my life.

I needed to do something fast. One day after yoga class, I picked up a brochure about Chinese medicine and Steve's practice. Because I was depressed, it took me about 6 weeks from the time I picked up the brochure to actually make the call.

Steve interviewed me and gave me a combination of acupuncture and herbs. He also suggested that I find a counselor. The results were not immediate; rather, they were deliberate and gradual. Over time, I began to feel better and better. Likely, I was suffering from professional burn out. Years of neglect had taken a toll on my body and my vital organs. My liver chi needed to be restored as did my heart and kidneys. At first, I had no idea what Goodman was talking about; Chinese medicine was a mystery to me. Steve suggested I read a book which explained the process so I would have a better understanding of the treatment.

Finally, I was smiling again and feeling better than I had in months. Chinese medicine is not a quick fix. It is a holistic long-term solution that works at the cause. For example, there isn't a specific antidote for depression. Rather, Steve made a formula of herbs to treat my symptoms and bring vitality and health back to my worn out body.

I would recommend Steve to anyone suffering from depression or a variety of physical and emotional ailments. His dedication to the wellbeing of the patient and commitment to the healing process is apparent.

Eric DiBella (Ankle pain)

I rolled my ankle in a soccer game pretty bad, and I could not play again for over a month. I was letting it heal on its own with icing, etc, but two weeks into it, I was experiencing an additional complication. It felt like a burning electrical surge was shooting through the inside part of my foot. I called Steve Goodman, who also plays in the same soccer league, and he asked me to come in for his observation.

He ran me through a couple of tests, applied some acupressure on my wrist, and the pain reduced significantly. He treated me with needles in several locations on my body over several treatments. Each successive treatment resulted in less discomfort.

Today, I feel none of the previous feelings I had after the injury. I recommend Steve Goodman as a quality practitioner of acupuncture, acupressure, Chinese medicine, etc. Given the results I realized, I will not hesitate to see Steve again.

Suzy Dukelow (Shoulder Pain & Stiffness)

Steven has been a Godsend to me. I was suffering for more than a year with a "frozen shoulder". I had seen 1 doctor and 2 physical therapists with little relief. His treatments have cured the pain and given back the range of motion that I had lost. I love Steven!!

Pam Hall (Hormonal & digestive problems)

Steven is a dedicated professional whose obvious concern for people shines through every visit. After experiencing hormonal and digestive problems for several months that I was too young to suffer from, I went to Steven on the advice of my Pilates instructor and within a few short weeks, my hormones have returned to normal and the digestive problems have ceased. I highly recommend Steven and am grateful for the improvement in my health.

Vicky (Stress, Colds, Flu)

I've been Steven's patient for many years. He has helped me countless times with colds, sore throat, flu, stress, knotted muscles, back pain, and other complaints. Steven has an extremely thorough and caring approach to his practice that reminds me of the old-fashioned doctor who says "stick out your tongue and say ahhh". Besides practicing acupuncture and herbal medicine, he wants to educate his patients on the basics of good living, that is maintaining a balanced lifestyle through healthful diet, exercise, and proper rest. I've learned that it is better to nip a cold early on in the bud with one treatment of acupuncture and a course of herbs, rather than slogging it out in misery, finally seeing regular doctor, only to be prescribed a two-week dose of anti-biotics. With Steven's treatment, I feel better quickly, avoid time lost at work, and avoid the negative effects of anti-biotics on my digestion. Under Steven's guidance, I've also learned to recognize how external factors seem to trigger a lapse in my immune system, and to make minor adjustments that help me avoid getting sick in the first place. I feel very lucky to have such a knowledgeable healer in my area.


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